A signed agreement and the full deposit are required to hold the equipment for your event date. The final balance will be due 7 days prior to the event date and the deposit will be applied to the final balance. 


If the Client wishes to cancel within 14 days of the scheduled event, he/she agrees to forfeit 100% of the deposit. The Client understands that if the rental is cancelled within 7 days of the scheduled event, he/she forfeits the full payment.


The Client is responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen equipment and agrees to pay the full replacement cost for each item. The Client also agrees to pay an extra fee for any items deemed dirty beyond normal wear and tear. Costs for damages will be assessed within 2 days of pickup and the Client will receive a separate invoice payable within 14 days of pickup.


Upon the setup time the Client must ensure that the site is ready for the equipment. If the setup site is not prepared, the Client will pay a fee of $100.00 for each additional hour required for setup, pro-rated in 15 minute increments.


No pets are allowed in the event site for the duration of the rental. 


The Client acknowledges that he/she has an opportunity to inspect each piece of equipment and ensure that it is suitable for his/her needs and that he/she understands how to properly use it. It is the Client’s duty to inspect the equipment prior to use and notify the Company of any defects.


The Company does not guarantee that each piece of equipment is without defect. If any of the equipment becomes defective or unsafe through normal use, the Client agrees to notify the Company immediately and the Company will work to replace the defective item if available. The Company is not responsible for any damages caused by defective equipment. 


The Client agrees that the equipment will only be used by those who are competent and able to properly use it. He/She assumes sole responsibility for ensuring that those using the equipment are competent users. 


The Client agrees that the use of equipment in any of the below mentioned circumstances is prohibited and will be considered a breach of contract:

  • Use for illegal purposes or in an illegal manner,

  • Use when equipment is defective, unsafe or not in good working condition,

  • Improper, unintended use or misuse,

  • Use of anyone other than the Client or his/her guests,

  • Use at any location other than the address specified above or the room where the equipment was set up by the Company or,

  • Tampering with any of the equipment.


The rental period ends at the specified Pickup Time. If the equipment is unable to be retrieved by the Company, the Client agrees to pay a fee of $100.00 for each additional hour. The retention of equipment past the agreed upon Pickup Time is prohibited and will be considered a breach of contract. 


Upon failure to pay additional fees or any other breach of this agreement, the Company may terminate this agreement and remove any rented equipment from wherever it may be located on the Clients property and the Client shall hold the Company free of any liabilities or claims of damages, or trespass arising from said removal.


The Client agrees to pay all reasonable collection, attorney’s fees, court fees, and other expenses involved in the collection of any charges or the enforcement of the rights under this contract by the Company.


The Company is responsible for the loading and unloading of the equipment being provided. If the Client, or anyone acting on behalf of the Client assists in the loading or unloading, the Client assumes the risk of any property damage or personal injury.


The Client certifies that the setup location is a smoke free environment. No smoking is permitted near or at the event location. 

The Client may not assign, sublease, or loan any of the equipment being provided by the Company.


The Company is not the manufacturer of any of the equipment being provided and does not act as an agent to the manufacturer.


The Client understands that the Company may not be held liable for any allergic reactions to food or any equipment provided by the Company. 

Terms & Conditions